Cowell Historical Society back online

I am pleased to announce the new and improved is now online. I hope y’all like the fresher look. I have removed broken links as well as all the Flash items. I have added new pictures, commentary from my old Cowellian Blog, and additional stories from Cowell. Juan Gonzalez sent me scans from a ledger that his father found when tearing down part of the plant after its closure. I have also been adding obituaries that I find interesting.

Back on-line!

I’ve spent most of the past two weeks moving pictures and stories from the site to my blog. The site is more than a decade old, and some of the pictures have magically disappeared over the years. Many items on the site were Flash presentation, and the use of Flash is ending this year. Copying items to the WordPress site at least preserves the remaining items until I can rebuild the original website.