September 24, 2007
Heads it was Clayton; Tails it was Rhinesville

But for the mere toss of a coin, we could be living in Rhinesville instead of Clayton.

Charles Rhine
Charles Rhine

In 1857, early Clayton settlers, Charles Rhine and Joel Clayton came to a gentleman’s agreement between them. Both wanted to name the town and neither was willing to duel for the honor. So, they tossed a coin for the naming rights of this new township in Contra Costa County. Joel Clayton won, thus the name of our town is not Rhinesville.

However, to honor Rhine, a native of Germany, and to celebrate our rich German heritage, the city of Clayton will be renamed Rhinesville for the duration of the Oktoberfest. The City Council will officially proclaim the name change at the October 2 City Council meeting. The proclamation will again be read at the opening of the Oktoberfest on October 6 and descendants of the Rhine family will serve as Grand Marshalls for the parade.

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