The day it snowed in Concord, date unknown, the Vargas Saloon, familiarly known as “Bucket of Blood” sported a white roof.  The saloon was at the corner of Grant and Willow Pass Road.

It snowed in Concord on January 9, 1913. Somebody got a camera and took a picture of Saloon keeper Francisco Perez with three of his customers out in front of his saloon on the southwest corner of Grant Street and Willow Pass Road. The snow on the ground was already melting, but the tree branches and roof tops were still covered. It wasn’t much snowfall to an Easterner, but for Concord it was a blizzard. The saloon advertised Brooklyn Steam Beer for 5 cents a glass with a poster affixed to a tree. Concord was just a small country town in 1913, even though had been incorporated as a city in 1905. However, the Oakland, Antioch, and Eastern Railway (forerunner to BART) started in 1912, bringing the first wave of commuters to Concord— a hint of times to come. The saloon, later owned by Allen Vargas, continued for many years. The building was torn down in 1955 to be replaced by an office of American Trust Company ( now Wells Fargo Bank).


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